“as a photo diarist, i’m often overwhelmed by all there is to capture. film cameras are a big part of my work, finding quiet and unsophisticated simplicity in form, color and space. missed focus, dust, scratches and imperfections are all part of the process and raw documentation of my identity. i enjoy finding poetry in small moments of everyday life, simple gestures, intimacy and detachment”


lara dominguez attended the university of california at berkeley where she received her BA in literature and modern dance. after graduation, she moved to new york to further her dance studies with merce cunningham. years after dancing, she later found work in the finance sector and became highly sought after as a senior consultant and analyst within finance, audit and accounting. lara currently resides in queens, ny.

@_barbariandays features stories where she could be found playing the lap steel guitar and dabbling in animation.

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